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Since I took all classes remotely from California this semester, this fall semester was definitely different from previous semesters.

This semester was full of experimenting, exploring, researching, and discovering different types of artists and my design practices by collaborating with others. It was difficult for me to work in groups especially because I was not on campus and the time difference. However, working with other people allowed me to learn how to communicate and think about how my design blends with other designers’ designs as well.

Project 1: Impact and Empathy → 9:12 PM

9:12 PM is an exploration of Anni and my experimentations of working together and creating iterations that reflect our thoughts and our process. Since Anni was taking classes in Beijing, China, and I was in California, USA, we had a 15-hours time difference between us; however, we still prioritized working together and collaborated in producing all of our iterations. We had recurring meetings every week at the same time of the day, which was 9 PM in California and 12 PM in China; therefore, we decided to name our book 9:12 PM.

We spent the majority of our time researching and expanding our perspectives in expressing design. 9:12 PM is divided into 2 different parts: Anni and my iterations and articles and text that inspired us.

All of the iterations we created are printed in full bleed and in order of how we worked together. Since all of the iterations were created from our inspiration from other artists or an article, we placed images and text next to each other on the second of the book.

Project 2: Research Video → Inspiration Diary

This research video project was another way for me to document all the artists that I got inspired from. I wanted this video to be something that I can revisit and still gain ideas and get influenced. Since I am a visual learner and remember by looking at the artists' works, I focused on showing the artists’ works as much as possible.

I believe writing the research posts every week was very similar to my routine of writing diaries every week. I enjoy the practice of logging and documenting my daily lives and routines and I thought this research video could resemble my diary. I also inserted the artists’ accessed dates in order for me to see the progress and exploration of my influences.

Project 3: Design in Question→ What is Graphic Design?

Like the first project, this project was also a group project, but this project was an installation with 3 other students. Since we were all doing remote learning and were all in different time zones, it was impossible to use a risograph printer nor do a physical installation. Instead of an installation, our project was done in a video format with all of our works compiled together. We couldn’t work together on after effects, we sent each other clips we have done and worked on top of those.

My pieces in this project were focused on my personal interpretations of categories in graphic design. Initially, I wanted the entire video to be a big puzzle and mine and my teammates’ videos to be pieces of an entire puzzle, but due to our situations, it was impossible for us to do this and still collaborate. Since this is a group project, I wanted to keep that in mind and execute my iterations. Throughout the video, my design and iterations act as a base of my teammates’ unique journeys of defining graphic design.

I created an introduction and an ending for our videos to create a narrative and connect all of our stories together.

Project 4: Thoughts on Thesis→ Sharing Data & Identity

For my thesis, I want to start open my ideas to the theme of sharing and data. I am a big fan of documenting and logging moments in our daily lives. This idea of infographic design and organizing data has been one category that I wanted to explore. In my thesis, I want to pursue this exploration and ask the questions that I had to the audience by expressing these ideas visually.

Along with the technical development and rising social trends to sharing private content with the public, I believe sharing has been normalized. However, what are the limitations of sharing? How do we measure levels of privacy? Do we always have to share with others? If not, will we be behind society’s flow/trend? How do we deal with privacy? How can we see privacy?

I am thinking about making this idea personal in order for the audience to experience and measure their own limits/levels of privacy. Along with COVID-19 in the air, I believe we have become more friendly with technology and the action of sharing, especially through phones, laptops, iPads, and etc. I want to continue this idea and make QR codes in order for the participants to access my information from birth to now. I am going to create a series of videos or short .gifs that people can see in each QR code to see small parts of my life and at the end measure their privacy levels. My idea is still in the process of developing and thinking, but I definitely do want to explore working with data, information, identity, and privacy for my thesis.