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Research Video — Inspiration Diary

I treated this research video as my personal inspiration diary. I enjoyed this practice of researching different artists every week and seeing different inspirations all compiled together at the end felt as if I finished writing my diary. I wanted to highlight and focus on the artists’ works in the video as much as possible; therefore, I placed the images in the center of the frame. As much as I thought the artists’ works are important, I treated dates equally important because it was a way for me to see my thread of exploration.

For my first draft, I focused on creating the body content/layout of the video. I initially placed the dates on top and bottom of the frame and had them constantly bounce off from the edge to express the artists influencing me. However, when I saw this version’s final, the dates bouncing seemed to crash with the images constantly changing and focusing on their works.

After review, I realized that I needed an introduction and an ending to tie the videos together. I maintained the same style/layout throughout the videos, but I needed something that ties all these videos together. After inserting the introduction and ending in the video, the video was able to have a clear beginning and an end. Whenever I work, I always turn on this music/video called lo-fi, and I wanted to add this element in my video to bring my personal experience and process of working.