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Another Me — Me, Myself, I

The use of non-linear narrative is a technique that portrays events out of chronological order — often without an exact beginning and end.

Develop a vignette or vignettes that feature a non-linear narrative and whose message is based on a vision of community. How you choose to interpret ‘community’ is up to you.

When I first heard the word “community,” I first thought about me. Before there is a community or a group of individuals, there is me, and my identity that represents who I am to others. I started this project by asking questions regarding my identity and my perception of a community.

How do I present myself to others?

How do others perceive me?

What does a community mean?

How do I balance myself from a community with my identity?

How do I reflect on myself from a community?

How does the community influence my identity?

I first defined the community as “I” and who am I because I need to know who I am to join the community. And through the community, I can find and form my identity according to the certain communities I join. Although there are countless communities, I categorized communities as languages. In my case, since I speak Korean, English, and Japanese, I presented my community into 3 different types. I originally wanted to create 3 different videos and treat each one of them as a movie

However, as I was working on this video, I realized that I was not properly representing my original interpretation of a community. As I contemplated the meaning of a community, I wanted to visually represent a community from multiple perspectives.

Another Me

In my first perspective, I focused on my relationship with a community. I used barcodes to represent our consumer society and added two circles to represent two different identities in and out of a community.

One of One

The second perspective focused on people’s different sides in their community. The repeating barcodes and looping circles demonstrated the chaos of our society and the mixed opinions in our community.

All Eyes on Me + Me You Us

In a community, there are multiple moments where we feel the burden to work harder and do better and feel like all eyes are on us. I added multiple layers to represent our interactions with other people and piled burdens on our shoulders.


Continuing the idea that I had in “All Eyes on Me,” I wanted to incorporate some illustration ideas to show how I visualize all eyes watching me in waves of multiple communities.

The end of this video revealed, “me, myself, I” under the pressure of community, which is represented through the lines of barcodes. I originally began this project to create 3 different videos, but I believe I was able to create a narrative by connecting all of them.