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When Anni and I first had met virtually, we both had so many ideas that we wanted to explore in our project. While we were looking for a way to tie all these ideas together, we wanted to try infographics design to organize our ideas and data we found from research. We first began to brainstorm our ideas in mindmaps and collected artists and researched artists and their works that we got inspired by as well.

Lucy’s Mindmap (left) Anni’s Mindmap (right)
Anni’s Iterations (photography)
Lucy’s iteration (left) Overlapped Iteration (right)
Lucy’s Iteration (left) Anni’s Iteration (right)
Anni’s Iteration (left) Lucy’s Iteration (right)
Anni’s Iteration (left) Amy Friend (right)
Lucy’s Iteration (left) Nathan Carven (right)
9 12 PM Front & Back Cover
Spread Example